Sunday, July 29, 2007

Snap Unhappy

I've just spent some time checking all of the licences on my images on Flickr after reading about how Virgin Mobile's Are You With Us? campaign used a bunch of images from the site on a fave e-culture blog. Happy to report that anyone I've taken a picture of isn't going to appear on an cringe-worthy billboard on account of my licensing decisions. All of my snaps are marked All Rights Reserved. If you spot yourself on a billboard by way of any of my photos, let me know & we can lawyer-up together.

Similarly, there'd be some stern words used if I found out that this creation had been sold. One of my Australia Day photos is in there (the 9th one). On one hand I'm flattered that the creator thought it represented Oz Day for her, but on the other it's marked All Rights Reserved (that includes derivative works yeah?) like all my other snaps (as are the others in the collection I checked), and my permission wasn't sought. I shall ponder some more.

On a more expectant note, I'm excited about the surprises happy snappers are going to get when this tech becomes more widespread.

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Posted by Dean @ 7/29/2007 06:43:00 pm

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