Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tropfest 08

After a break of a few years - excuses about the weather & such - I went back to Tropfest tonight with a few of the Camels and had quite a good night. Next year I just have to remember to take less food and wear warmer gear.

Faves in no particular order:

Ascension - the elevator one
Blues for the Soul - the Tasmanian slide guitar one
Made in Australia - the Scottish one
Scab - the Japanese gross-out one
Smitten - farmers wife one - best twist of the night
White Lines - the parking inspector as cop drama one
Uncle Johnny - kid explains his family with repetitive use of the TSI number eight

and my pick for winner...

Marry Me - girl likes boy who likes bmx

My WTF pick of the night would have to be the ACT animated The Fault. WTF? Dishonourable WTF mentions go to the 104 and Win News MCs and the clown with control of the sound desk; too loud clown!

I wonder how Tropfest is received in London & New York; a bunch of ex-pats or do the locals get into it too?

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Posted by Dean @ 2/17/2008 10:58:00 pm

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