Sunday, November 25, 2001

It's Potterific!

A pisstake discenting view on the Potter madness that's distracted America. Oh, hold on, do Americans know how to take the piss?

I'll admit I'm very much looking forward to Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone. I read the books last summer, but have somehow missed seeing either of the movie trailers (I'm assuming there're two; the teaser & the full version) so I only have a vague idea what to expect on Thursday night. I have read a bit about it and have heard that the Hogwarts entranceway & staircase location was Australia House in London (where our embassy is). As usual, the Americans have dumbed-down the title for the film: "Sorcerers Stone" replaces "Philosophers Stone".

I think the Potter virus has begun to infect locals too; I've been called Harry Potter twice in the last week (so I have roundish glasses and dark hair which is too short for the character, but I don't have the scar).

I've been told that there are to be seven books in the series; one for each year Harry is to be at Hogwarts - can anyone confirm/deny this? Does this mean that Daniel Radcliffe has a pretty sweet movie deal, seeing as he'll probably grow up at the right pace (assuming they shoot one film each year)?

Posted by Dean @ 11/25/2001 04:29:00 pm

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