Sunday, November 18, 2001

Well, the home PC is back up again, so now back to our regularly scheduled 'blog...

Friday Night

Drained from a week of bill payments and still trying to fight off the last remnants of a headcold, I decided to stay home. I declined the invite to "a few quiet ones at the pub" knowing on friday nights we never stop after just a few and stayed at home with the company of the warm glow of the cathode ray tube.


An unusual Saturday morning; I slept in. Normally I get up as soon as I wake & get out & do something with the day (except for recovery days). This Saturday I slept in & woke for a while & read, then went back to sleep.

When I eventually got up I did a bit of domestic stuff and then D1, K1 and I walked into Civic. I got a green glowstick (no blue unfortunately) and visited the usual music and book shops.

Came home and made up a massive spag bol that was a late lunch / dinner and will be dinner and work lunches for the next week. Watched some old Futurama (damn you Channel Seven for letting that go to cable) and zoned out before heading over to a small gathering (stayed for about an hour, when we arrived they were all sitting on the floor playing 1980's Trivial Pursuit - disturbing sign from the outset) of a work and uni colleague. Then we walked from Griffith to Forrest for ...


It's now just over 13 hours since I thanked the TweakNation production crew for their hospitality and departed the Abode houseparty. What can I say? Awesome comes to mind.

I had a fairly good idea of what to expect as the guys had thrown a smaller scale houseparty over at Ainslie earlier in the year, but I hadn't been to the new place so I had no idea of the potential of the place as an excellent houseparty venue. Inside and out; there were people everywhere (almost: the smart residents police-taped up their bedroom doorways and it kept people out - I wish I'd thought of that last weekend). The courtyard and backyard were lit up and were really good areas for a quick breather before hitting the main room again. The main room was a large lounge area cleared of all furniture besides the DJs table at one end; the room filled and emptied throughout the night as the various DJs did their thing either caught the partygoers ears and feet, or didn't. A recurring topic in conversations was the shape of the room, its' usual purpose and "what's with this carpet?". There was also the Chill Out room, a second dance room, a couch room and the great idea of the VIP room, where the residents and approved close friends could get away from the crowd for a while and play Pool.

As the night went on D1 and K1 departed and K4 and her friends departed, but I still had the guarana pumping through the system and was having too good a time to leave early. I wandered around chatting to friendly random partygoers and jumping around occasionally in the main room. Knowing the residents and crew helped conversations and it was interesting to see how all the various people had heard about the party; some were 'direct invites', some were the friends of those people and some had heard vague rumours and got the details from Sketchy Bill. There was Jenny & Tanya, Zoe, Matt the Navy Avn Tech down from Wagga and the short-ish girl in the white-with-vertical-stripes collared shirt (sorry I don't remember your name; if you're reading, drop me a line) amongst others.

I can't finish up without mentioning (hmm, what's the right word...) the vibe. It was all good; people were friendly, there weren't any agro pissheads or 'too cool for you' wankers and despite me being a newcomer to the dance scene my friends the crew didn't babysit me & I just had a good time. I saw my hockey teammates, work people and met new random people - all good.

So a big public thankyou to the TweakNation production crew Graham, Nick, Hellboy Jared, Fran, Cyzilla, Sean, Miss B, and Suzy and to the DJs Fink, Ken Jensen, Jude, Anjay, and friends for a great night - I can't wait to see what they do next.

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