Thursday, November 01, 2001

A work day with a potential fork*.

Had a win with the branch head and a partial win with the division head and it's good working on important things.

Spent the afternoon in a meeting with division head, two branch heads and several directors. The fork came when we were discussing a matter of chasing something up with a group head.

Fork 1:
Div head suggests that I contact the group head directly. This has potentially funny and gratifying consequences, but ultimately career-terminating as I introduce myself then launch into a soapbox rant starting with "Not only are you incredibly ugly, you're also extremely stupid and irresponsible!".

Fork 2:
Div head takes on the task of talking to the group head & directs branch head to talk to his equivalent numbers in the other group before the low-level shit-kickers are sent in to mop up the details.

No prizes for guessing which fork endured.

*Fork: a decision point, one of those moments in which events can go multiple ways, like in Sliding Doors or this weeks Malcolm in the Middle.

Posted by Dean @ 11/01/2001 07:28:00 pm

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