Monday, December 03, 2001

'tis the season for ... reorganisations...

Well, if nothing else I have a sheet of paper with about twenty robot faces on it; when I get a scanner I'll show them to you.

Today we came into work, read e-mails, watched the storm, had a branch meeting on the group reorganisation, went back to our cubicles & chatted about the reorg, had lunch, read some other documents, looked at a site on javascript, talked with the supervisor about the reorg then went to a divisional meeting on the reorg, talked with other branch people about the reorg then came home.

What fun work becomes when the senior persons declare change is imminent, but provide very little detail, thus creating collective uncertainty and doubt in the two weeks before everyone disappears for the festive storm season. I'm looking forward to heading up to the Sunshine Coast soon; don't know how eager I'll be to come back.

If only I could develop and market a management fad that all these wankers could jump on to...$$$

...and speaking of storms...

Wasn't this morning's storm a beauty! Large cloud mass, bolts of lightning, bursts of pelting rain - it was like a proper Queensland thunderstorm except that it was first thing in the morning, not hot & humid all day & breaking in the late afternoon as the sun sets.

Had a quick wander around the BOM site at work today; we're having a divisional christmas party wake on Thursday arvo and wanted to see if it'd be fine or not. I came across a big section of the site on storms! Did you know there are people down here in Australia that chase storms (as they do in Twister)? Do you know how to judge the severity of storms visually? (Check out photo 4.4 - I remember seeing a formation like that heading to work in Brisbane one day many years ago & when it hit boy was it a whopper) Do you know what to do when a big one hits your area?


Three former linkers have removed their links; I wonder what in particular I wrote to tick 'em off. [shrugs]

Home-town Winners

A little piece of Brisbane to get you
through Canberra winters.
Nick Earls

Last year I was lucky enough to meet a writer whose stories I quite enjoy. I'd read in the paper that Nick Earls was doing a reading at Tilleys and headed over there with some friends. I'd never been to a public reading before, but I'd read all but a few of his books, so I thought it'd be interesting to see how he read his own writing. I didn't think he'd be doing any signing, so I didn't take any of my copies of his books along. Luckily they were selling pretty much his whole back-catalogue at the door, so I picked up Zigzag Street and went over to the table he was sitting at. He was nice enough to sit down with people and actually chat to people for a few minutes before signing the book; he asked me what I liked about his books & I told him being able to picture the locations was pretty cool (having actually been there) & that any mention of Brisbane in the middle of a Canberra winter was welcome.

On the way home from work I passed the local bookshop & saw that Nick's latest book has just been published: World of Chickens and it looks like it's the further adventures of Frank and Phil from Headgames. I've found my summer holiday reading.

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