Tuesday, August 19, 2003

So what's been goin' on? Oh y'know, bit of this & a bit of that. Not a whole lot of socialising, been keeping quiet for the sake of relaxation & sparing my wallet its usual pounding for a few weekends. Did get out on Friday night to catch up with KJ & sisters and K-Man at Trinity, where there was a really cool 5-piece funk bank playing; don't know what they were called - must look into that. Anyway, it was a fun night - short, but fun.

Keeping occupied with french & tai chi classes during the last couple of weeks. I've also been trying to nut out some technical problems getting a home network set up & getting a few games working (there seems to be one common thing with all of these games that won't work - they're all older and all microprose). I did have one win though; I set up a Smoothwall box over the weekend and got both the green and orange boxes to access the internet, so that's something. Still can't get them to talk to each other through the DMZ pinholes; need to figure out which ports win98 uses for file sharing.

Another technical puzzle - not a worry, but a curiosity - is to figure out who's been dropping the proctological asides in the comments on this site. They're signing off as Mel, but she's pretty sure she didn't leave 'em, so some digging & probing has to be done to see if someone's just pulling a prank or are maliciously pretending to be her around the 'net. If they're trying to get to me, pft, whatever.

Other than that it's a time of adjusting to new company on the homefront and in the office - and now The West Wing has started, so that's all for now.

Posted by Dean @ 8/19/2003 10:42:00 pm

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