Tuesday, April 27, 2004

[Health & Sports] So Thorpe is going to swim the 400m freestyle because Stevens has decided to sacrifice the place he earned. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this story; it's been pretty prominent across print and broadcast media. Overhearing a few talkback channels today, I heard nothing but Thorpe/Stevens calls.

So what do you all think? Should a shot at national victory outweigh the qualification races? Should the previous victor get automatic preselection to defend (or better) their record? When Stevens stepped aside, shouldn't the opportunity have gone to the next best swimmer? Is Thorpe above the good old aussie tall poppy syndrome or isn't he quite tall enough yet?

Meanwhile - topside - my favourite sports story at the moment combines my favourite sport - Ice Hockey - with something I've been reading a bit about recently - contract killing. Last week a professional hockey player was arrested by the FBI. The Feds allege that the player "conspired to hire a hit man to murder a male "acquaintance" ... last week". Speculations are flying around thick and fast on this one; one is that the "acquaintance" was the player's lover and that the reason behind the hit was to prevent being outed (yeah that worked out really well for him), while another is that the hit was going down to stop the acquaintance leaving the player. Either way it'll make great fodder for Court TV and a telemovie one day. More speculation available from the SportsFilter thread.

Posted by Dean @ 4/27/2004 08:54:00 pm

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