Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Weekend Wrap-Up


Up early & off to the post office to solve the mystery of the unexpected package. Turns out I'd scored a copy of You Must Remember This by renewing my Urban Cinefile subscription a few weeks back. The 1984-1992 disc was very popular in the office.


Ghost Recon + GTA3 = Time flies toward square eyes.


Back to the markets for another 256mb stick of Geil RAM. Stopped into JB's for more Futurama and Undercover Brother amongst others. Killed the afternoon & early evening playing Risk at the pub in T-bone's global military millinery.

The rest of the 11 hour pub stint was spent playing Asshole and rocking out with the cover band Black Night. The covers bands Filthy's usually gets through the booking agency are generally poor-average, but these guys were tight and the vocalist had the ability to mimic all of the artists he was covering. Turned out to be one of the best Saturday nights at the pub ever, so a big thankyou to the excellent company. You know who you are & why it was so good - thankyou.


Hmm, so 98SE doesn't like 512mb of memory, let alone dual channel. Fine, I'll install XP. Burn all my data off to CD & start. Upgrade please, I'd like to be able to retain all the settings if it's not too much trouble. XP can't see the right drive? OK, cancel the installation. You can't cancel & boot back into 98SE? Fine. Restart, continue the installation. Done. Good. Where are all my apps? Oh, over there, on that other drive you couldn't see before but you can see now? Fine. Just fine.

This weeks task - burn off all the mp3s to CD, reformat the drives & start again. It's the only way to be sure, other than nuking from orbit. Ripley knew what she was on about.

Posted by Dean @ 4/18/2004 07:48:00 pm

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