Tuesday, December 28, 2004

On Tsunamis

[Current Events] I've been thinking about the earthquake in the Indian Ocean and the resulting tsunami. I can only imagine what it's like to be one of those who've lost everything or who've lost people near & dear to them, and the scale of the humanitarian efforts that're needed blows my mind, but that's not what I've been thinking about. It probably sounds insensitive, but if the casualties are the primary effects and the health and shelter for the newly-homeless the secondary, I guess I've jumped to the tertiary or beyond.

I've been wondering how probable more earthquakes & tsunamis are. If there're more, will they be limited to interactions between the same tectonic plates or will there be flow-on effects on to other plates or faultlines? How will the value of waterfront property - globally - be affected? If property markets are affected, will that affect the rest of the those economies? If so, how?

Posted by Dean @ 12/28/2004 10:03:00 pm

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The Economist's Jan 1 2005 edition has some interesting stories on the tsunami.

Posted by Blogger Dean @ Saturday, January 08, 2005 3:08:00 pm #
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